The Excitement of the Listing!

Getting the Listing is just the start. Now the home needs to be prepared for the market and the potential buyers – 1st impressions are the key. This can be a daunting task depending on the property – usually the longer the owner has called the property their “home” the more TLC it may require before “going Live” with the Listing.


What do you see when you first drive up to the property?

  • Overgrown weeds at end of drive way?
  • Drive way and walk ways clean?
  • Mail Box Post paint peeling?
  • Rock wall falling apart?
  • Flower beds – Are there flowers? Mulch?
  • Front entrance – is the door peeling? Is the trim peeling?
  • 1st level outside windows clean?
  • Garage door windows clean?
  • Is garage clutter preventing a car from fitting?
  • Is there clutter around the home?

Realtor Assist takes care of all of the daunting, yet necessary tasks that revolve around preparing your home.